How Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Impacts Your Vehicle

exhaustDiesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is a solution that is applied to your vehicle’s exhaust stream to convert NOx gas emissions into water and nitrogen. This concept is the process of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which is common to all diesel engine vehicles that are 2010 years old and up. You can always find and purchase one from fueling stations which are mostly diesel exhaust fluid distributors. Here are the ways how DEF impacts your vehicle.

Us EPA Requires All Manufacturers to Use Def

All diesel-run engines essentially use DEF as an after-treatment to make the machines and vehicles safe for use because emissions are harmful to your health and the environment. The first benefit to vehicle owners is compliance.

Better Performance

Engines that use DEF technology will also benefit from better performance and fuel economy. When the system converts more NOx into harmless gas and water, the engine performs better, and fuel consumption also improves as well. Low DEF levels will significantly diminish your vehicle’s speed, and standard engine conditions will return only after you refill your DEF.

DEF Potency

It is recommended to maintain your vehicle’s DEF potency for a couple of years. Don’t expose your DEF reservoir to sunlight or you may reduce the shelf-life.

DEF Technology Provides Heat during Winter

DEF freezes at a specific temperature. However, when the engine is in use, the technology also allows heat to thaw it and keep it flowing despite freezing temperatures. No need to add anti-freeze solutions to the diesel exhaust fluid transfer tanks to prevent damage.


You must always refill your DEF tank at safe levels every time. This practice adds to the cost of owning a diesel-engine machine or vehicle. However, the benefit that you get for your health and the environment is invaluable. Ideally, you should go to a certified agent to help you refill your diesel exhaust fluid tanks because pouring it elsewhere can damage your engine. Typically, you have to refill every fourth of the time that you fill your tank with fuel.

Diesel engine vehicles need extra care to prevent harmful gas emissions that can significantly impact your health and the environment. DEF is the technology that makes sure that these types of engines comply with the rules set by the US EPA.