SCR Technology

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Nitrogen oxide (NOx) is a serious concern, both in terms of its environmental impact and potential health consequences. In addition to smog, NOx can contribute to respiratory problems and heart disease. Obviously, SCR engine emissions need to be taken seriously, both for the sake of the public and the environment.

SCR NOx reduction efficiency can be as high as 95%, which exceeds the EPA guidelines. In addition to reducing NOx emissions, SCR engine control can also increase horse power and fuel efficiency. For today’s vehicles, fuel efficiency is always a point of concern, and fuel costs are definitely a consideration of businesses. If you want to improve your bottom line, prevent illness, and avoid smog, SCR technology is the way to go.

With SCR NOx emission controls from Blue Sky, you can consistently reduce NOx emissions almost completely through a customized SCR system that meets your specific requirements. NOx reduction efficiency is always something to seriously consider in industrial and fleet settings. You can reduce your effect on the environment when the oxidation catalyst almost completely prevents harmful nitrogen oxide from being released into the atmosphere. Used in diesel engines, gas turbines, natural gas engines, and more, these SCR systems are necessary for reducing carbon footprints all while maintaining industry code and quality. Contact Blue Sky today and let us help you find the right customized solutions for your business.




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