All You Should Know about Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispensing Systems

DEFDiesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is required for new large-displacement, off-road diesel engines in order to comply with EPA standards for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. The DEF basically works with a process called selective catalytic reduction to turn harmful exhaust into water and nitrogen, which helps reduce smog. You may be concerned that DEF may be hard to obtain or use; fortunately, DEF manufacturers and DEF distributors have made it easy for you to obtain and use DEF. Here are some things you should know.

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Debunking Four Common Diesel Exhaust Fluid Myths

DEFWhether you’re considering buying a car with DEF or you have one already, you may have a lot of concerns about how convenient it is to fill up your vehicle. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than many people think, and you can get good-quality fluid from a number of diesel exhaust fluid distributors. In case this is a concern of yours, it may help to look into a few pieces of false information that make their way around.
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Tips for Handling Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Diesel Engine Care
Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is not only required in most diesel engines in order to reduce NOx emissions, but it also helps improve your engine’s fuel efficiency and performance. It’s important to store it properly, especially during the winter, to ensure it maintains its purity and is able to carry out its purpose. Here are some tips recommended by DEF manufacturers and suppliers for storing DEF during the winter.
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How to Put DEF in Your Vehicle

Diesel fuel tank

Why Diesel Exhaust Fluid Matters

Anyone who drives a newer model diesel truck knows the importance of diesel exhaust fluid. This chemical, designed to mix with exhaust gasses and thereby reduce emissions from vehicles, must be added to trucks and SUVS manufactured after 2010. Higher horsepower farm machinery and construction equipment as well as diesel generators also require diesel exhaust fluid If a vehicle or machine that requires diesel exhaust fluid runs out of this additive, its power potential will be greatly Continue Reading →