Are All Types of Diesel Exhaust Fluid the Same?

DEFPeople who own stationary heavy equipment are somewhat familiar with Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF, and with rising DEF prices, you must know where your money is going to and discern which solution is a better one for your equipment because not all DEFs are created equal. Here are things to remember about DEF and its uses.

What Is It and How Does it Work?

People use DEF in machines with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to reduce NOx emissions that are detrimental to your health and the environment. It is injected into the downstream of the engine to treat and break down harmful NOx into more health- and environment-friendly substances; water and nitrogen.

DEF must satisfy all requirements set in ISO 22241 to ensure that it is high-quality. It must contain 67.5% distilled or de-ionized water and 32.5% high-grade pharmaceutical urea because this purity can function well up to temperatures as low as 12F.

Aside from having an ideal percentage of quality urea, manufacturers must list all impurities like calcium and traces of metals so that buyers can choose those that have low limits.  Without these conditions, a solution can’t be called diesel exhaust fluid.

How to Choose the Right DEF?

To prevent buying unauthorized DEF products, make sure to look for indications that what you’re buying passed API and ISO standards for the exhaust solution. Otherwise, your SCR systems won’t work correctly and will result in overheating, and consequently, production of NOx pollution and finally harming your equipment or machinery.

Be extra careful with vendors who have applied with the API and followed ISO standards. If they do not test ALL batches of DEF, then consider that as a red flag as well.

Inquire about urea and water purity as well. Both substances are essential in making sure that your DEF adheres to strict standards set by API and ISO 22241.

Diesel exhaust fluid prices should also never be a deterrent for buying legitimate products. If Diesel exhaust fluid price per gallon is your issue, think about how much repair it would cost you to fix your machine or NOx-related health issues later. Finally, only buy from suppliers and distributors who have legitimate business deals with urea producers. Usually, a directory of these companies is out in public so that you can protect yourselves as buyers, always do your research before buying DEF. Blue Sky has been a reliable provider for many years, get in touch today!