ISO Standards for Diesel Exhaust Fluid Manufacturing


Before getting into the particular factors surrounding ISO standards regarding diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) manufacturing, it is first to make sure you understand what DEF is, how it is used, and what to expect from diesel exhaust fluid suppliers.

Understanding DEF

If you’re unfamiliar with it, DEF is a non-hazardous and colorless liquid made of 32.5% urea plus 67.5% de-ionized water. DEF is used during SCR, or selective catalytic reduction, to get rid of particulates and N2O from diesel engine exhaust. SCR is a process which, by and large, manufacturers use to maintain EPA emission regulations.

Even though DEF is mostly safe, it can get impurities. Trace amounts of elements which would otherwise be entirely harmless in diesel fuel can easily contaminate a concentration of DEF. The issue is, once contaminated, DEF loses its ability to remove N2O and particulate matter from the exhaust. Also, it can cause breakdowns within the SCR system, which in turn shuts down the equipment. The most significant issue for machinery operators with contamination is when there is a transference from the main supply to the machine’s SCR system.

ISO Standard

The International ISO Standard is to make sure that products are not only safe to use but that they are excellent and reliable as well. ISO part three, 22241 standards, is specifically meant for the best way to transport, store, and handle DEF. Experts say that is it critical to store DEF in a container that was designed explicitly with the ISO standard in mind. When using a pump and tank that wasn’t built up to standard, you risk adding contaminants that will harm an SCR system and will ultimately shut down the engine it’s mounted to.

The Materials and Process

As mentioned before, DEF can easily become contaminated when it is near or comes in direct contact with a variety of foreign materials. The ISO standard identifies which substances DEF is compatible with and also those that it is not.

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