Driving Consciously: How DEF Helps Reduce Vehicle Emissions

Fueling up Driving on diesel fuel has undeniable benefits. With diesel’s low price per gallon, driving a vehicle that utilizes this type of fuel can seriously pad your wallet. However, did you know that due to the cool temperature that a diesel engine runs at, you may be emitting harmful gases when you drive? This is the result of your catalytic converter, which works to purify harmful gasses, not working as effectively as it would in a hot, gasoline-powered engine.
But don’t throw in the towel on diesel fuel just yet. Regularly using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) can amend this issue. Furthermore, due to EPA regulations, diesel exhaust fluid prices per gallon are currently at a low and manageable rate from distributors.
Still, you may be wondering, what does DEF actually do? Is it even necessary to spend the money on it? Read on to discover how DEF works and the numerous benefits of using it.

How Does DEF Work?

Since a typical catalytic converter is ineffective in reducing diesel fuel emissions, diesel engines are equipped with a selective catalytic converter. This kind of catalytic converter helps to reduce specific harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxide, and it succeeds.
DEF is essential to this process. The chemical urea in DEF reacts with the nitrogen oxide after it has left the engine, turning 90 percent of it into nitrogen and water vapor. This almost completely eliminates the harmful emissions in your vehicle’s exhaust.

What Are the Benefits?

The gasses that are eliminated from your vehicle’s exhaust are harmful to both the environment and human beings. Nitrogen oxide emissions have been observed to correlate with conditions such as asthma and heart disease. DEF also contributes to reducing air pollution.
All of that aside, do you really want embarrassing and stinky black smog flowing from your tailpipe?

Caring for Your Vehicle and Wallet

You may still be concerned about diesel exhaust fluid prices as well as what you’re putting into your car or truck.
You want to make sure when you’re spending money on DEF that you’re putting a quality product into your car. Blue Sky is one of the many companies that works to ensure diesel exhaust fluid quality at a manageable price so you can not only help the environment, but you can also know that you’re putting a tried and tested product into your vehicle.