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Blue Sky DEF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of AUS40 Marine Urea Solution in North America. Blue Sky DEF supports the marine industry with supply of AUS40 from our 12 production facilities in the United States as well as our production plants in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Blue Sky DEF is your trusted partner for supply of AUS40 Marine Urea Solution at all major ports along the United States coastline for all types of vessels and requirements. Blue Sky DEF also operates the only manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico for AUS40 Marine Solution for our Caribbean customers. For vessels needing supply in Mexico, we service this from our Mexican plant.

We also supply a growing number of customers in Latin America with Panama being a key location of supply for our product with our local partners.


Service is the key to Blue Sky’s success in the marine market with a team of professionals working behind the scenes to ensure our customers receive their product on time every time.


Blue Sky AUS40 is produced to ISO18611 standard and comes with American Petroleum Industry (API) Certification.


We offer AUS40 Marine Urea Solution both in bulk and in IBCs.

Why Blue Sky DEF?

Blue Sky DEF is solution oriented, and continue to expand our business by providing solutions to our customers’ needs challenges. Our company is asset based, we own our production plants, we have our own delivery trucks and long-term partners in locations where our own delivery trucks are not the best option.

We are successfully supplying many different types of customers with vessels requiring their own solutions, whether this is emergency deliveries at short notice in IBCs or bulk, extra-long hose and pumping capabilities for bulk supply to large vessels, timely deliveries to cruise vessels on tight schedules or convenient supply to barges operating on the coastal waterways.   

“Providing Solutions is Our Specialty”
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