The Importance of Calculating DEF Consumption


For those who operate a vehicle that runs on diesel, the integration of diesel engine fluid is critically important. With diesel exhaust fluid price per gallon at a manageable rate, there’s no reason not to use DEF. Not only does it reduce harmful emissions, but it helps your vehicle run in a cleaner, more efficient manner.

However, as is the case with all engine fluids, DEF should be accounted for so you know just how much you are using and, respectively, how much your engine is releasing into the environment. You can easily acquire this information with a DEF usage calculator.

Fuel Economy

For the benefit of your fuel economy, it’s recommended that your diesel exhaust fluid usage stay within bounds. Your fuel should contain around three percent DEF. Manufacturers suggest that you maintain this level by refilling your DEF every third time you refill your fuel tank.

Some long-haul delivery drivers have reported a 10 percent improvement in fuel economy while maintaining this level of DEF on their routes. Remember to use a DEF usage calculator to find out whether you’re using an appropriate amount of fluid. You can find a calculator by running a quick and easy online search.

Saving Money

When you enter your usage information into a DEF calculator, you may find that you’ve been using too much DEF. To overuse DEF is essentially to throw money out the window.

While the price of DEF is becoming more manageable (depending on your region), it’s still more than double the cost of diesel fuel on average. This could be because it’s become a rather hot commodity in recent years, especially with its positive environmental effects. Regardless of the reason, while the price is still relatively high, you’re going to want to monitor your usage.

Cold Weather Conundrum

A common problem for truck drivers is getting the recommended amount of DEF in the winter. Having outdoor DEF dispensers at truck stops can present a problem, as DEF freezing temperatures are similar to that of water (at 28 degrees it’s slush, at 11 degrees it’s ice).

One solution manufacturers have come up with to ensure trucks receive their necessary dose of DEF is keeping the fluid in insulated containers. These containers are free of contamination and keep the DEF pure and at an appropriate temperature.However, these containers may not always be available when you’re on the road. Therefore, your best bet is to calculate how much DEF you will need on your trip and to prepare in advance.

If you want to ensure you’re getting the best fuel economy available and you’re not wasting money, keep track of your DEF with a diesel exhaust fluid usage calculator. Happy driving!