Helpful Tips to Preserve the Product Life of DEF

One thing every driver of a diesel run vehicle is concerned about over Diesel Exhaust Fluid price per gallon is Diesel Exhaust Fluid quality. In fact, if you drive a diesel vehicle, you probably have read or researched many different ways to preserve the life of your diesel fluid while not sacrificing quality. Here are two ways to ensure your diesel exhaust fluid quality is consistent whether you store it or use it immediately.

Only Buy Certified

The American Petroleum Institute runs a program called Certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid, which certifies the quality of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid sold for the intended use in a SCR-equipped engine. This certification ensures that the fluid you purchase meets the highest quality standards and will maintain that quality as long as you utilize and store the fluid as directed. Insisting on certification might affect your overall Diesel Exhaust Fluid prices, but the extra cost is worth the peace of mind knowing you are getting a quality product.

Verify Dedicated Transportation

Many transportation fleets use their storage tanks for more than one substance. Many distributors do not mind this because it can mean a lower diesel exhaust fluid price per gallon. Using a process called “wash-and-rinse,” a fleet could deliver a shipment of milk before your shipment of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. If that process of washing the tank out is not thorough, you could be getting Diesel Exhaust Fluid with milk residue, which could dilute the fluid and compromise its quality.

Using Diesel Exhaust Fluid comes with a natural concern about quality and longevity, especially if you store it. The only way to ensure Diesel Exhaust Fluid quality, however, is to mandate that you only buy certain types and only use storage processes you know are contamination and crack free. By ensuring both, however, you will guarantee your fluid last as long as you need it to last without sacrificing anything.