Helpful Tips to Preserve the Product Life of DEF

One thing every driver of a diesel run vehicle is concerned about over Diesel Exhaust Fluid price per gallon is Diesel Exhaust Fluid quality. In fact, if you drive a diesel vehicle, you probably have read or researched many different ways to preserve the life of your diesel fluid while not sacrificing quality. Here are two ways to ensure your diesel exhaust fluid quality is consistent whether you store it or use it immediately.

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Blue Sky 2018 Distributor Award Winners

Blue Sky would like to congratulate our 2018 Distributor Award Winners! The recipients were honored and received their awards at Blue Sky’s 2018 Distributor Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Compliments to Hutchens Petroleum, Superior LubricantsQuarles, Vulcan Companies and  Woodford Oil on a great job! We look forward to many more successful years together.

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How Diesel Exhaust Fluid Is Beneficial for Your Vehicle

Diesel exhaust fluid is typically what’s used to reduce emissions in trucks without losing power. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is the process in trucks that reduces toxic emissions and the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is typically used as the key component in reducing emissions by breaking down nitrogen oxide (NOx) into just nitrogen and water. DEF is beneficial to the environment because it significantly reduces gas emissions that lead to air pollution and allows vehicle manufacturers to comply with federal emission regulations, but diesel exhaust fluid distributors also want you to know that the fluid can benefit your vehicle as well. Here’s what you need to know about DEF benefits for your vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

The major advantage of DEF is how it maximizes your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. DEF is made of 1/3 urea and 2/3 de-ionized water, so it has high oxygen levels that allow your truck to not only have cleaner nitrogen and water emissions, but the combustion itself is more efficient, so you’ll use less fuel. The SCR system most trucks use utilizes an optimal design so that the engine performs efficiently with cleaner emissions. In fact, some truck manufacturers claim that using DEF can increase fuel mileage by up to 5%.

Increased Power

An initial concern when introducing SCR and DEF was that trucks would be unable to provide optimal power. However, when manufacturers were able to worry less about emissions because of the use of SCR and DEF, they found that engine improvements actually made it possible to get more power from the engine.

Less Maintenance

The efficiency of an SCR engine that uses DEF allows you to worry less about engine maintenance now and in the future. Since the engine runs so efficiently, there’s less wear and tear on engine components reducing the likelihood of repairs and extending the life expectancy of your truck’s engine.

Additional Considerations

Diesel exhaust fluid suppliers have made it easy to fill the DEF tank when necessary because running on a low or empty DEF tank can cause problems similar to running on a low fuel tank. Fortunately, it’s easy to find DEF in auto parts stores and a simple search for diesel exhaust fluid near me will yield numerous options for where to purchase more.

How Much Diesel Exhaust Fluid Do You Need?

DEF Over the last decade, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) has quickly become a necessity for the modern transportation fleet. In 2010, the EPA passed more stringent emission standards to reduce the release of NOx and particulate matter from middle- and heavy-duty vehicle engines. At that time and years that followed, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and DEF helped many diesel-fueled industries meet those standards. In 2014, DEF became even more nationally prevalent when the EPA required off-road equipment manufactured in 2014 and after to use DEF.
If you’re unsure of how much DEF packaging you need for your vehicles and other equipment, keep reading for a couple suggestions and recommendations to purchase the right amount.

How to Estimate How Much You Need

Many DEF suppliers provide online DEF usage calculators to give you an accurate projected amount for your vehicles or equipment. Typically, the estimated amount is calculated using four factors:

  • Number of automobiles in the fleet
  • Average miles per vehicle
  • Average miles per gallon
  • DEF usage rate

The most critical factor you must take into consideration is the rate of DEF your vehicles are using. Most manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicle engines equipped with SCR aftertreatment suggest a usage rate of 3%; in other words, 3 gallons of DEF are used for every 100 gallons of fuel.

It’s recommended that drivers of highway-traveling trucks should refill the DEF tank for every three diesel refills. For smaller vehicles, the DEF tank can be refilled with every oil change. Regarding heavy-duty automobiles, the required amount can be difficult to estimate due to engine configurations, idling times, and the weight of the load being transported.

How to Manage DEF Consumption

For a small fleet of three or four vehicles, a 55-gallon drum should suffice, and larger fleets (10 or more) should require at least one or two 330-gallon totes. Over time, your use of DEF will give you an accurate value of a weekly average use of DEF.

If you are not sure about your exact needs, many DEF suppliers can help you in your estimation and management plan.

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