Tips for Handling Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Diesel Engine Care
Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is not only required in most diesel engines in order to reduce NOx emissions, but it also helps improve your engine’s fuel efficiency and performance. It’s important to store it properly, especially during the winter, to ensure it maintains its purity and is able to carry out its purpose. Here are some tips recommended by DEF manufacturers and suppliers for storing DEF during the winter.
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How to Put DEF in Your Vehicle

Diesel fuel tank

Why Diesel Exhaust Fluid Matters

Anyone who drives a newer model diesel truck knows the importance of diesel exhaust fluid. This chemical, designed to mix with exhaust gasses and thereby reduce emissions from vehicles, must be added to trucks and SUVS manufactured after 2010. Higher horsepower farm machinery and construction equipment as well as diesel generators also require diesel exhaust fluid If a vehicle or machine that requires diesel exhaust fluid runs out of this additive, its power potential will be greatly Continue Reading →

UREA Pricing and Its Relationship with DEF

DEFDiesel exhaust fluid price per gallon is affected by its composition. One part of that composition is UREA. UREA and its purity drive the price of DEF and the price of UREA is affected on a local and global scale. Here is how that works.

Supply and Demand

UREA production is driven by the forces of nature and the growing cycle. The growing cycle is Spring Planting, Summer Growing, Fall Harvesting and Winter Storage. Depending on where demand meets the corresponding supply cycle sets the price of UREA.
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Latest Technologies to Reduce Diesel Engine Emissions

Diesel emissionThe quest to reduce diesel engine emissions has resulted in a progressive trend of emissions technology advancements. This technology not only has created more effective SCR NOX emission controls, it has done so with relatively little trade-offs in performance. Today, diesel engine emissions are similar to their non-diesel engine counterparts. Here are some new technologies that are changing the face of diesel emissions treatments and helping safeguard our environment.
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How Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Impacts Your Vehicle

exhaustDiesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is a solution that is applied to your vehicle’s exhaust stream to convert NOx gas emissions into water and nitrogen. This concept is the process of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which is common to all diesel engine vehicles that are 2010 years old and up. You can always find and purchase one from fueling stations which are mostly diesel exhaust fluid distributors. Here are the ways how DEF impacts your vehicle.

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Understanding How Diesel Exhaust Fluid Works

EXHAUSTIf you have a diesel truck, you’ve probably had to think about your emissions at some point in time, and you’ve probably looked into how to how to keep them within federal guidelines. The Environmental Protection Agency changes its standards occasionally as they work to reduce pollution and as technology advances, letting vehicles produce less pollution. As you research the topic, you may come across results for diesel exhaust fluid near me and wonder what it does.

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