5 Facts about Diesel Exhaust Fluid

In 2010, the EPA revised standards to lower NOx levels in new trucks in order to help reduce pollution to the environment and improve cleaner diesel emissions. Many original equipment trucking fleet manufacturers started using (SCR) catalytic reduction technology to lower NOx emissions and also increase fuel economy as well as reliability without the need to change operation or essential design of the standard engine.

Almost every diesel vehicle made since 2010 uses SCR, which requires diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). These vehicles include diesel pick-up trucks, heavy duty delivery trucks and vans, and also many European diesel luxury cars and SUVs. As of 2014, diesel powered off-road vehicles, such as those used in construction and agriculture, have been required to use SCR as well.

It is true that, at first, these new regulations posed an issue for many operators and drivers. But with increased growth of DEF and SCR technologies, using DEF has become less of a burden and creates an opportunity to reduce emissions while saving on fuel. The American Petroleum Institute and the International Standards Organization put DEF production standards into place to guarantee that high-quality DEF products are available nationwide.
It is crucial that DEF product integrity is always preserved correctly. When stored or dispensed, DEF must be handled with equipment that is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 22241 standard, never in equipment designed for petroleum handling. If you’re using wetted materials, they must be DEF compatible. This includes hoses, tanks, pipes, fittings, nozzles, and seals. By using the correct equipment during distribution, you protect DEF integrity and help avoid forms of equipment failure.

As drivers and operators who use DEF know, the purity of diesel exhaust fluid is crucial to guaranteeing that selective catalytic converters and engines run at peak performance while reducing harmful emissions. This is why, since 2010, Blue Sky has created nothing less than the best diesel exhaust fluid available in North America. No matter the size of the vehicle, be it off-road or on, Blue Sky’s diesel exhaust fluid is the most trusted and environmentally aware emission lowering solution available for diesel vehicles anywhere. Blue Sky understands that there is more to consider than the bottom line when being a responsible business.